Thursday, 21 March 2013

Posts on the Saint Bede Studio Blog

Since the Announcement of the Abdication of Pope Benedict on 11th February, almost 70 posts have appeared on this Blog discussing the Papacy and aspects of Papal Liturgy.  During this time, more than 15,000 visits have been made to the Blog.

This Blog exists primarily to illustrate the design and vestment-making work of the Saint Bede Studio.  Since its beginning in 2007, however, this Blog has also posted articles on the history and aesthetics of the Sacred Liturgy.

If you are newcomer to this Blog, a list of the recent Posts can be found in the lefthand column.  Labels illustrating the categories of our vestment work can be found in the righthand column.

Posts on Pope Francis and some aspects of Papal Liturgy will continue here, but not with the same intensity as has been experienced in these five weeks past.

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