Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Papal Retrospective : Blessed Pius IX : 3

Blessed Pius IX 1846 - 1878.
In 1869, Pius IX convoked the Vatican  Ecumenical Council, which was attended by bishops from all over the world. When the Vatican States fell to Italian armies in 1870, however, the Council's proceedings were adjourned without conclusion.

The engravings in this post illustrate the proceedings of the Vatican Council. which was held in one of the transept of S' Peter's. It is likely that photographs were taken at the Council, but I have never seen any.

Click on the images for an enlarged view.

A coloured engraving of Pope Pius opening the Council on
8th December 1869.

An Address to the Fathers of the Council in the presence of Pope Pius.
A portable altar has been set in the middle of the transept and upon it
are the same statues of Ss Peter and Paul which are still used today on their Feast.

This marvellous engraving gives a very accurate idea of the appearance
of the Basilica during the Vatican Council, shewing the large number of Fathers
present and the galleries built for Observers.

An Address to the Council in the presence of Pope Pius:
Note the timber pulpit.

A further Address, this time shewing the altar set up in the middle of the choir.

A fanciful engraving of Pope Pius with the Council Fathers seated before
the Altar of the Confession in S' Peter's Basilica.