Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Lord's Passion at Saint Peter's

We are pleased to present these few images of Pope Francis celebrating the Solemn Liturgy of of the Lord's Suffering and Death in Saint Peter's Basilica on Sunday.  Noteworthy from these photographs is the minimal use of artificial lighting in the Basilica, enhancing the sobriety of the Commemoration.

Please click on the images for an enlarged views.

These photographs are the copyright of Getty Images.

The Prostration of the Pope.

Seated at the Papal Throne during the Lessons.

Ecce Lignum Crucis.

The Pope Creeping to the Cross.

Members of the Sacred College creep to the Cross.
In former times, the use of lace albes and rochets was forbidden on Good Friday.

The Papal Simplex mitre.