Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Papal Retrospective : Blessed Pius IX : 4

This post concludes our Retrospective of the Blessed Pius IX.  Pius died on 7th February, 1878, aged 85. Originally buried in Saint Peter's, his remains were moved to the Church of Saint Lawrence-outside-the-walls in 1881, in accordance with his own wishes. They were returned to the Vatican Basilica in 2000, when Pius IX was beatified.

Next post: Pope Leo XIII.

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The Coat of Arms of Blessed Pius IX.

A photograph of Pius IX from the early 1870's.
Note the cassock with "train" resting on the ground.
This is another image which is partly photograph, partly drawing.

A magnificent red cope made for Blessed Pius IX.
Note the size of the hood, quite unlike the exaggerated form of many Baroque copes.

An engraving of the Consistory of March 1868, shewing Pius IX
conferring the Red Hat on Father Lucien Louis Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte.
Yes, the great-nephew of the Emporer Napoleon!  But Cardinal Bonaparte
lived the rest of his days in the Vatican, a faithful servant of the Holy See.

The mortal remains of Pius IX lying-in-state, February 1878.
The Pope is vested in Pontifical vestments, including the fanon and pallium.
The short mitre was a preference of Pius IX.