Monday, 18 March 2013

Sunday Morning Mass with Pope Francis

Pope Francis preaching at the Church of S' Anna.
Pope Francis offered Mass for the Fifth Sunday in Lent in the small but lovely Church of Sant' Anna in Rome. Footage of this occasion has shewn us more of the natural rapport Pope Francis has with people and his desire to reach out to them. It is all captivating, uplifting, and I must write, moving.

With great disappointment, I have discovered that not a few Catholics worldwide have reacted with dismay to the election of Pope Francis, even knowing little of him. This seems largely to be a disappointment in what we have seen (which is very little) of his liturgical style. I want to make clear to readers of this Blog that I do not share this dismay or disappointment (not that my reaction is of any consequence whatever).

To all those who are burdened with misgivings or disappointment at this time, I say: have Faith, trust that God has given us the right man at this time for the Greater Good of Holy Mother Church. Pessimism is not a Christian Virtue. Also, give Pope Francis a chance to establish himself. But above all else, pray. Less chat, more prayer.

Pope Francis on Sunday morning in the Church of Sant' Anna.
The Pope is wearing the Papal Simplex mitre.