Tuesday, 19 May 2020

NEW : Saint Cuthbert vestments

The Saint Bede Studio
Since 2016 the Saint Bede Studio has occasionally been offering for sale a new range of simpler vestments, unlined and less expensive than our usual work. Not everyone can afford expensive vestments, whilst others, for various reasons, prefer a more modest beauty. 

Our "economy" vestments are made from simpler, good-quality fabrics and ornamented with our distinctive and unique braids. Simpler they may be, but there is no diminution of the quality for which the Studio has become so highly-regarded.

During this year, we will be offering for sale three varieties of "economy" chasuble sets to our customers.  These are :




In this post, we illustrate an example of the Saint Cuthbert vestments, which will be available in all the liturgical colours.  More ample than our usual Gothic vestments, these unlined chasuble will be ornamented with a chevron of brocade or damask and with narrow braids, as illustrated.  This particular chasuble was made with a matching amice apparel.

These simpler vestments will continue occasionally to be offered for sale via the Studio Blog. 

Please pray for God’s continued Blessing on our work.

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The Saint Bede Studio