Sunday, 20 July 2008

Off to Rome

I had the great privilege of being present in Saint Mary's Cathedral, Sydney as His Holiness celebrated Mass on the morning of Saturday 19th July. This was a Mass for Seminarians and young Religious as part of the World Youth Day celebrations. The Mass was in all respects thoroughly splendid and inspiring.

It was an overwhelming moment for me as I watched the Successor of Saint Peter emerge from the door of the Cardinal's sacristy wearing the vestments I had made. Afterwards I met with Monsignor Marini and the assistant Papal Masters of Ceremonies (Monsignori William Millea and Enrico Vigano) who congratulated me on my work and told me that they are taking all the vestments back to Rome! What an unbelievable honour. Photographs courtesy of the Papa Ratzinger Forum and the Daily Telegraph (Australia).