Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mass in the Pauline Chapel

On the Feast of Saint George, 23rd April, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Pauline Chapel (adjacent to the Sistine Chapel).The former Cardinal Bergoglio's Christian name was Jorge, and he wished to celebrate his patron saint's Feastday with Cardinals resident or visiting Rome and members of the Papal Household. Afterwards in a courtyard, the band of the Swiss Guards performed in the presence of the Pope and the Cardinals.

The candlesticks and crucifix on the altar were disposed in the so-called Benedictine arrangement, whilst the Papal throne stood on the Gospel side of the altar. The Pauline Chapel had been restored during the Pontificate of Pope Benedict and its altar has been arranged to allow Mass to be offered versus populum or ad orientem.

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Pope Francis entering the Pauline Chapel. 

Address of the Cardinal-Dean.
Note the restored freestanding altar.

Blessing of the Deacon before the Gospel.

Incensing the oblations.

The Pope is honoured with incense.

During the Canon.
Note the tabernacle behind the altar in the form of a classical portico.

During the Canon.

After Mass, Pope Francis prayed before and
venerated the Icon of the Blessed Virgin.