Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Saint John XXIII : 1

Saint John XXIII 1958 - 1963.
On 28th October, 1958, ANGELO GIUSEPPE RONCALLI, Cardinal-Patriarch of Venice, was elected Pope by the College of Cardinals and took the name John XXIII.  His election had not been expected, since he was a man of advanced years (77).

Angelo Roncalli was born in humble circumstances in a village within the Diocese of Bergamo on 25th November 1881. He was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Bergamo in 1904. Father Roncalli was consecrated bishop in 1925 and had a series of appointments as Papal Representative in foreign countries. In 1953 was elevated to the Sacred College by Pope Pius XII and appointed Patriarch of Venice.

Pope John is mostly remembered as the Pope who convoked the Second Vatican Council, which opened in the year 1962. John XXIII died in the following year and was buried in S' Peter's Basilica. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in the year 2000.

On a memorable Roman day, 27th April 2014, he was canonised by Pope Francis in Saint Peter's Square.

A useful summary of his life may be found here.

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Father Roncalli photographed during World War 1 with his brothers.

Monsignor Roncalli, Papal Nuncio to France, celebrating Pontifical Mass.
This may be the only occasion that Roncalli wore "Gothic" vestments.

The contrast between Pope Pius XII and his Successor
Cardinal Roncalli is clearly illustrated in this photograph.

Cardinal Roncalli in the Vatican shortly before his Election.
At his side is Father Capovilla, still living at 98, and recently created a Cardinal.

Pope John XXIII receiving the Homage of the Cardinals after his Election
as Supreme Pontiff.

Pope John giving his Blessing on the central loggia of S' Peter's
after his Coronation,  November 1958.

Pope John giving his Blessing on the central loggia of S' Peter's
after his Coronation, November 1958.

At the Papal Mass on Coronation Day, Monsignor Dante,
Prefect of Pontifical Ceremonies, exchanges a quite word
with Pope John.  November 1958.

Pope John at his Cathedra in the Lateran Basilica.

Pope John at the Altar of the Confession in S' Peter's
with Monsignor Enrico Dante.

Solemn Papal Mass in S' Peter's Basilica offered by Pope John.

A Consistory in S' Peter's presided over by Pope John.

Part Two to follow.