Sunday, 12 June 2016

Priestly Ordinations 2016 : 1

Figure 1.
Father Landman speaking after the 
celebration of his First Holy Mass in the church of
Saint Mary in High Hill (Texas).
Photograph courtesy of Father Landman
Each year, the Saint Bede Studio has the privilege of preparing sacred vestments for priestly Ordinands. Happily, this year has been no exception.

In this, our first post for 2016, we are pleased to draw attention to the ordination of Father Max Landman of the Diocese of Victoria (Texas) USA. Father Landman was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory, Victoria on 4th June by the Most Rev'd Brendan Cahill, along with a number of other candidates.

Father Landman commissioned two vestments from the Studio for the celebration of his First Holy Mass.

Figure 2. 
During the Offertory of Father Landman's First Holy Mass.
Chasuble and dalmatic seen in this photograph.
Photograph courtesy of Father Landman
A chasuble in the semi-conical form was made from a straw-gold shade of ecclesiastical brocade. The chasuble was ornamented in the Italian style of the 15th century, with a TAU formed from crimson silk dupion and trimmed with a galloon in red and gold. The galloon is of the Saint Bede Studio's exclusive suite of braids and galloons.

Complementing the chasuble was a dalmatic (see Figure 5, below) ornamented with the same decorative scheme, but with the emphasis being on the traditional clavi.  Both chasuble and dalmatic were lined in a crimson-red shade of taffeta.

Figure 3. 
Father Landman during the Anointing of hands at his Ordination
in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory.
JW Harrison Photography

NB These vestments were not made by the Saint Bede Studio.

Please pray for Father Landman and for all newly-ordained priests.

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Figure 4. 
Interior of the Cathedral of our Lady of Victory, Victoria, Texas.

Although in the more modern style of the 1950's and 1960's, 
it has references to Gothic church architecture. 
The pitched ceiling is enhanced by large trusses
which continue downward to form the columns separating 
the side aisles from the nave.
The sanctuary is enhanced by a lofty reredos in mosaic-work 
and a corona directly above the altar.

Figure 5. 
Accompanying dalmatic.