Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Advent Vestments

Recently, the Saint Bede Studio provided this simple set of violet vestments to a Benedictine Monastery in the United States.  It is part of our economy range of vestments, called Saint Anselm.

The vestments were made from silk in a lighter shade of violet and ornamented with a column, front and back.  The ornament was formed from silver dupion silk and one of the Studio's unique braids Saint Edmund (based on a design of AWN Pugin).  

The chasuble was unlined, but faced at the neckline, helping it to sit well and not crumple.  Also provided with the set was an amice apparel, shewn in some of the images.

Click on the images for an enlarged view. 

Violet vestments

The chasuble shewn with the amice apparel.

Detail of the amice apparel.

The neckline of the chasuble shewn without the amice apparel.