Saturday, 18 February 2023

Priestly Ordinations 2022 : 3

Borromeon vestments
In this post, we are pleased to describe a set of vestments in the Saint Bede Studio's Borromeon style, which was commissioned by an ordinand from New Jersey, USA.

These vestments were made from a magnificent silk damask in colours of straw-gold upon a taup background.  The damask is called Lovebirds.  

The chasuble was ornamented in the Roman manner with a TAU at the front and a column at the back.  This ornamentation was formed from a damask in colours of burgundy and old gold, outlined with a galloon in a brighter shade of gold. 

The Saint Bede Studio

The lining of these vestments was formed from a shade of red taffeta.

Please pray for all newly-ordained priests.

Click on the images for an enlarged view.

Borromeon vestments

The Saint Bede Studio

Festal vestments

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