Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Vestments in the Lenten Season : 3

Violet vestments
For a returning customer from Canada, the Saint Bede Studio recently completed this very rich set of dark violet vestments in the Gothic Revival style.  This particular variant of the Gothic chasuble we have named Saint Austin.  It is pointed at the front and the back and reaches to the elbows.

Gothic Revival Vestments

The vestments were made from a beautiful ecclesiastical brocade, woven in the United Kingdom.  Lined in a beautiful shade of deep rose-coloured taffeta, the vestments were ornamented with one of the Studio's unique braids.  This ornate and beautiful braid Saint George is derived from elements of the designs of AWN Pugin and is woven in burgundy and taup upon a red background.

Violet vestments

The Saint Bede Studio

Gothic Revival vestments

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