Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Revision of the Rites : 2

Solemn Mass at Le Barroux Benedictine Abbey
Everyone who is anyone - and others - is now writing about it: the Reform of the Reform.  Is it dead? Can it be revisited? A very helpful assessment is made by Father Christopher Smith over at The Chant Cafe. WARNING: those who hate the modern preoccupation with acronymns should be patient in reading Father Smith's fine essay.

We also note an article which has appeared this morning at The New Liturgical Movement by the Most Rev'd Peter Elliott, auxiliary bishop of Melbourne.  Most likely, you have already read these two articles.

As mentioned in previous posts, the Saint Bede Studio will be publishing a series of short articles during 2014 on the various Liturgical books which existed from 1964 - 1969.