Thursday 13 July 2023

Gothic Revival Vestments

The Saint Bede Studio is pleased to present this set of vestments in a style we call Saint Giles, being an interpretation of the Gothic Revival chasuble.  The chasuble is ample without being of the exaggerated proportions one sometimes finds.  The Gothic chasuble was never intended to reach to the ankles.

The Saint Bede Studio

This set is made from an ecclesiastical brocade, lined in a lovely shade of crimson-red taffeta.  

The Saint Bede Studio
We wish to draw particular attention to the ornamentation of this set, formed from one of the Studio's unique orphrey braids, called Saint Edmund, and which is derived from the designs of AWN Pugin.  Although we have Saint Edmund braid in other colours, it has recently been woven for us in colours of blue and gold, upon a red background.  This combination allows this braid to be attractively used with vestments of different liturgical colours.

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