Saturday, 22 July 2023

Vestments for the Season "Per Annum" : 6

Conical chasuble
In this Season  Per Annum  the Saint Bede Studio is pleased to present another set of green vestments, recently completed for a returning customer from the United Kingdom.

This set is in the style common in the mediaeval period, being quite different in shape from the modern chasuble.  With the arms by the sides, mediaeval chasuble is almost the shape of a bell and often referred to as such, or as the conical chasuble.  

The distinctive thing about this form of chasuble - quite different from the modern chasuble - is its drapery.  When the arms of the wearer are raised, the chasuble gathers into folds from the bottom upward, not from the centre outward (as with the modern "Gothic" chasuble). 

The Studio has made many such chasubles, based upon careful study of illustrations of mediaeval chasubles and examination of modern reproductions.  Through trial and error, the Studio has developed a form of conical chasuble which is comfortable to wear, although the wearer certainly benefits from the assistance of a minister to adjust the chasuble.

Green vestments

This set is made from an English ecclesiastical brocade, lined in a lovely shade of crimson-red taffeta.  The ornament is formed from a reproduction of a mediaeval braid, in colours of crimson and white upon a dark background.  The perimeter of the chasuble is outlined with a quatrefoil galloon in the colours of crimson and platinum.

The Saint Bede Studio

At the Saint Bede Studio, we strive to avoid the idea that the designation Ordinary Time is a reason to make green vestments which are non-descript, or lacking in inspiration.  In the case of this set, it might be noted that the colour gold is absent from the ornamental scheme.  This makes this set distinctive; its colours are intended to be based on the colours of nature.  

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Green vestments

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