Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Vestments for the Season "Per Annum" : 7

Green vestments
In this Season  Per Annum  the Saint Bede Studio is pleased to present another set of green vestments, recently completed for a returning customer from the United States.

This set is in the style we call Saint Martin.  This style is the Saint Bede Studio's own contemporary interpretation of the ancient form of Roman chasuble.  It is extremely ample but, being carefully shaped, does not fall like a blanket on the wearer (as so many contemporary vestments do).  Rather it falls into the folds of the arms and gathers gracefully. 

The Saint Bede Studio

This set is constructed from handmade dupion silk in a rich shade of green, and it is lined in a lovely shade of blue taffeta.  The ornament in the traditional Saint Andrew's Cross is formed from a reproduction of a mediaeval braid, in colours of crimson, straw-gold and white upon a blue background.  This is one of the Studio's unique braids called Saint Raymund.

The Saint Bede Studio

At the Saint Bede Studio, we strive to avoid the idea that the designation Ordinary Time is a reason to make green vestments which are non-descript, or lacking in inspiration.  Although not elaborate, this is a beautiful and distinctive set of vestments. 

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Green vestments

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