Wednesday 30 August 2023


Mirabile dictu ... Something strange happened overnight (Australian time) at this blog of the Saint Bede Studio.  Almost 9000 visits :O  Welcome new visitors.  

NEW VISITORS  Take an opportunity to look around the Studio blog and see our range of fine vestments.  We are a small business of Catholics here in Australia making vestments for the Catholic Church all around the world. 

You will also find many interesting articles and commentaries on the Sacred Liturgy on this blog.

The blog was set up for viewing on a computer monitor or tablet.  It has links to various categories of posts, about our new vestments or recent.  You might find something that interests you ... share it with friends.

Thank you for visiting us and visit again soon.

Michael Sternbeck

Proprietor of the Saint Bede Studio

Wednesday 30th August at 845am

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