Monday 1 July 2024

On the Feast of the Most Precious Blood

Red vestments

On this beautiful Feast, the Saint Bede Studio is pleased to present this image of a set of red vestments, the colour used for the Apostles, Martyrs and the Passion.  The image shews the lower edge of the chasuble, including its lining, and the adjacent stole ornamented with a brush fringe.

The set was made from dupion silk in a subdued shade of red.  It is not the fiery  red used for the Feasts of the Holy Spirit, but closer to colour of blood.  The vestments were ornamented in the Roman style, with a TAU at the front and a column at the back, formed from a damask in colours of red and straw gold and an outlining galloonThe lining was made of bronze-coloured taffeta.

The chasuble is in the Studio's Saint Philip Neri style, which is the product of years of research into historical vestments and refinement of dimensions for comfortable use.  The Studio revived this more ample 16th century style of the Roman chasuble in 2007 and since then we have made many of them.  Beware of poorly-designed imitations!

The work of the Saint Bede Studio is distinctive for its artistic qualities and the pains taken with every detail, such as the alignment of ornaments.  Even a restrained set of vestments like this is striking for its combination of colours and fine workmanship.

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