Thursday 4 July 2024

Saint Martin vestments


The Saint Bede Studio

This post features a set of vestments in the Studio's nod to contemporary styles.  This style we call Saint Martin.  It is both long and wide and is especially designed to fold up beautifully when the arms of the celebrant are elevated (as is shewn in the adjacent image).

Tasteful contemporary vestments are made by certain studios in Italy, France and Germany, but we also make them here in Australia at the Saint Bede Studio.  This set has a simple dignity and is made from high quality fabrics.

An ivory shade of dupion silk is lined with lemon-coloured taffeta and is ornamented with one of the Studio's unique braids (called Saint Raymund) in colours of red, white and straw-gold upon royal blue.  The ornament is very simple : a TAU in the front and a column at the back.  

Click on the image for an enlarged view.

The Saint Bede Studio : vestments made by Catholics for Catholics.

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