Saturday 6 July 2024

The Season Per Annum : 7 : our unique braids

Green vestments

The vestments in this post were made from an ecclesiastical brocade in a muted shade of green and fully-lined in crimson-red taffeta.  The Saint Bede Studio has made such vestments on many occasions now and also matching dalmatics.  The combination of colours has been found very attractive by our customers.

The vestments are ornamented with one of the Studio's unique braids, being a replica of a design by AWN Pugin; it is called Saint Chad.  Notice how this braid is arranged : the greatest care is taken with all our vestments to ensure that braids are precisely and harmoniously aligned, not cutting away design elements.  

In the attached image, you can see how carefully the green medallions of this braid are arranged.  

In this instance, the chasuble is worn with an apparel in the mediaeval style, using the same orphrey braid and forming a collar attached to the amice, not to the chasuble.

Click on the image for an enlarged view.

The Saint Bede Studio : vestments made by Catholics for Catholics.

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