Tuesday 2 May 2023

Festal Vestments : 7

In this Paschal Season, we are pleased to present some vestments made for Festal days, but which would also be suitable throughout the Eastertide.

The Saint Bede Studio

This set of vestments is in the style we call Saint Benet.  It is a stylised chasuble common in the Gothic Revival period of the mid-19th century.  The chasuble is long, but not wide..  As made by the Saint Bede Studio, this style of vestment is very comfortable to wear.

This particular set was made from an ecclesiastical brocade in a shade of ivory, it was lined in a muted gold shade of taffeta and ornamented with a one of the Studio's unique braids Saint Chad in colours of red, blue and gold, enhanced with a matching galloon.  The Saint Chad braid is directly based on the ornamentation of a chasuble designed by AWN Pugin which is preserved at the Catholic Cathedral in Birmingham (UK).

Please click on the image for an enlarged view.


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