Monday, 22 May 2023

Vestments for Pentecost : 2

As Pentecost approaches, we are pleased to present some of the red vestments made by the Saint Bede Studio.

Saint Martin vestments

This set of vestments is in the style we call Saint Martin.  It is the Studio's "take" on a contemporary style of chasuble.  The chasuble is long, and wide.  As made by the Saint Bede Studio, this style of vestment does not fall down like a sack, but folds beautifully.

This particular set was made from dupion silk in a lovely shade of red, and ornamented in a distinctive manner.  Rather than a TAU ornament, two columns were created to form the ornament, featuring one of the Studio's unique braids Saint George in colours of red, burgundy and gold.  But this was laid upon a ground of brighter red dupion silk and outlined with a gallon.  The effect is both distinctive and elegant.  

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Red vestments