Friday 19 May 2023

Festal vestments and mitre

The Saint Bede Studio
In this post, we feature a chasuble and mitre set recently made for the newly-appointed Bishop of Maitland & Newcastle (Province of Sydney, Australia).

The chasuble was made from moirĂ© taffeta, which is noteworthy for its vertical watermark effect, created during manufacture.  It is a fabric which is not too flimsy and has pleasing drapery.  Ornamenting the chasuble, back and front, is a column formed from straw-gold dupion silk, upon which is imposed one of the Studio's unique braids Saint Edmund.

The mitre has the same decorative scheme, but its ornamented is formed from a much narrower version of the Saint Edmund braid.

Festal vestments

Mitre and chasuble

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